AE Singapore will open in late 2020. The opening has been delayed due to the current COVID19 situation.

Singapore Philosophy

AE Singapore will embody AE’s philosophy and at the same time explore a new direction. The attention to acoustics is unprecedented. Mohan, MD of AE South East Asia, employed a team of professional acoustic engineers to build both studios in Singapore from scratch. Acoustics treatment for all of AE’s other studios (in Hong Kong) were done after the rooms were built. The team aimed to create a focused space for listening by first defining a “quietness rating” for each studio. The ratings were chosen based on how quiet a space should be while allowing full appreciation of sound without creating discomfort. Other factors including sound insulation, scale, purity and excitement were considered and measured by industry acoustic software prior to deciding on the custom acoustics. The next factor is the aesthetic, where AE feels there is a correlation between acoustics and aesthetics on the impact of the listening experience. Mohan has clearly taken AE into a new direction to reach uncharted performance. AE Singapore will consist of 2 studios.

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AE Sheung Wan housing Cessaro Wagner Silver Signature, Arya Air Blade, Xiang Yu subwoofer, Zanden 1200S phono stage, Vertere Reference Analog system, Thales Exquisite Silver cartridge, SRA craze 3 rack/Virginia amp stand. Tripoint Troy NG and Esprit/Argento/Skogrand/Vertere cables. #audioexotics
Dartzeel NHB108 Model 2, 2020 version.  #dartzeel #audioexotics
WELLFLOAT Delta under Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX yields dramatic improvement.  The speakers are driven by full suite of Zanden super electronics: Chouku mono amplifier, Chukoh Preamp, and Jinpu phono stage. #audioexotics #wellfoat
Robert Koda suite with JMF Audio 3.7 universal transport and DAX 2.2.  Da Vinci EQ turntable, Tosca Durand and Miyajima Destiny Cart, Zanden 1200S phono stage all on WELLFLOAT board and SRA Scuttle Rack. #audioexotics