Divin Lab

Divin Lab

Divin Lab is the flagship studio of Audio Exotics located in Ap Lei Chau opened in 2018.

Divin Lab Philosophy

The goal of the Divin Lab is to recreate the realism of a full-blown orchestra as though one is attending a live concert.  The listener will not be able to tell where the sound is coming from because the reproduction quality is just like one big uncut canvas, thanks to the perfect phasing behavior of Goebel Divin Majestic loudspeakers.  Any listener can easily distinguish differences of energy radiated from whatever musical instruments with respect to their locations in the scene. Silence between musical notes can be felt as though they are palpable, as ground noises are tackled by two cost-no-object Tripoint Elite NGs. It is simply a soulful experience of the highest end. The playback quality of Divin Lab is endorsed by international critics such as Alan Sircom of Hi Fi Plus, Roy Gregory of the audiobeat, and Lincoln Cheng of Audiotechnique.

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Phono Zanden JINPU/1200S
Transport Wadax Atlantis Transport
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Robert Koda Takumi K15EX Super Ground
Zanden Chukoh (宙光)
Robert Koda Takumi K160
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Gobel Divin Majestic
AC Conditioner Wadax Atlantis AC conditoner
AC Distribution Vertere Phase Management Centre
Ground Filtration Tripoint Troy ELITE NG x 2
Mechanical Isolation SRA Craze 3 Rack, Virginia Amp Stands
Falkenohr Model 516
Arya Audio Revopod

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AE Central Studio One showcasing Rivierlab Levante integrated amplifier, Zanden M6000 integrated amplifier driving Audionec EVO2. #audioexotics
Zanden 6000 super integrated amplifier driving Audionec EVO2 at AE Central. #audioexotics
The almighty Troy Signature NG with Argento Extreme Exotic Edition (EEE) ground cable. #audioexotics
Goebel Marquis driven by Engstrom’s Lars Type 2. #audioexotics