AE Central is the 2nd showroom opened in 2016 with two studios integrating the services of selling rare vinyl

Central Philosophy

There are two studios at AE central, a very convenient location for many working in the CBD. It also houses a vinyl shop managed by Master Chik supplying rare vinyl of all sorts.   The two studios showcase a collection of products carried by AE such as Goebel Marquis from Germany powered by Monica/Eric of Engstrom from Sweden, Audionec EVO2 driven by Dartzeel and a great variety of sources such as Wadax Reference DAC, JMF DMT3.7 Universal Transport, Zanden 1200Signature phonostage, Synaestec Igniculus phonostage, DaVinci turntable, Durand Tosca tonearm, Thales Statement tonearm plus many others.   KK Wong, the manager of these studios in AE central, would be delighted to provide consultancy to those who want to start exploring more about AE.

AE Forum Discussions

Brand Model
Turntable Da Vinci Gabriel Mk3
Tonearm Thales Statement
Durand Tosca
Cartridge Thales Extreme Exotics Gold
EMT 80th Anniversary Limited Edition
Phono Synaestec Igniculus
Zanden 1200 Signature
Transport JMF DMT3.7
Music Server Ediscreation Bach
DA Converter Wadax Reference DAC
Lars Engstrom Monica
Lars Engstrom Eric
Speakers Goebel Marquis
Arya AirBlade
AC Conditioner JMF Audio 35th Anniversary PCD 302
Ground Filtration Tripoint Troy NG/ Troy Elite
Mechanical isolation SRA Craze 3 rack, Virginia/Ohio platforms
Arya RevOpod
Wellfloat Delta Extreme



Brand Model
Turntable Disc Rotator
Tonearm Thales Statement
Top Wing Seiryu (Blue Dragon)
Phono I
Zanden Model 120
SACD Player Synaestec Origo
Music Server
DA Converter
Amplifier Dartzeel 8550 Integrated Amplifier
Speakers Audionec EVO2
AC Conditioner JMF Audio PCD302 Revision F
AC Distribution
Ground Filtration
Mechanical Isolation SRA  Scuttle 3 / Virginia amp stand
Arya Audio Revopod

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Cessaro Opus One is amazing! #audioexotics #cessarohornacoustics
Cessaro Opus One #audioexotics #cessarohornacoustics
Dalby Pirueta Record Weight/WELLFLOAT Delta Extreme/Durand Telos with Transrotor flagship analog turntable. #audioexotics #wellfloat #dalbyaudiodesign
Cessaro Opus 1. #audioexotics #cessarohornacoustics