Vetere Pulse-R interconnects in action today

After the phenomenal improvement in between the trinity preamp and the power amp driving the RACH sub, I have come to a firm conclusion that the quality of interconnect serving 80hz and below is as important as the pair serving everything above. I can do demo for those who don’t believe.

This pair is 4M XLR to XLR brand new without any run in. I connected them between the 2nd output of Lars Monica Preamp to the built in amplifier driving the subwoofer inside the Carmen cessaro horn speakers today. The same dramatic improvement again across the whole spectrum. There are more perspectives, more depth, more shades, higher contrasts, and even better transient resolution, and surprisingly even more silence can be felt.

Our customers all go for the flagship HB series for obvious reasons, but the Pulse R (the next down below the HB) is still a stunner. I tested them in the same position in two systems to verify my findings before reporting here in the studio session, instead of the forum.

A new Pinnacle!

The current system display represents the pinnacle of AE’s relentless drive to reproduce the soul of musicians recorded on vinyls and any digital format.

Serving as the digital source is the almighty Trinity DAC and the Media PC (optical digital IN/OUT module). On the analog side, we are showcasing the Vetere reference turntable/reference arm/HB phono cable alongside the Madake cartridge by Miyajima together with the groundbreaking Wadax Trio digital phono stage.

The line stage is the Monica by “Engström and Engström” of Sweden custom fit with silver input transformers. And the power amplifier is the masterpiece – Chouku 長空 – by Yamada of Zanden created exclusively for AE in memory of his 60 years old birthday featuring FINEMET core output transformers for the STC4212 output tubes. They are both sitting on the flagship Virginia platform custom made for them by SRA.

All the electronics are housed on the Craze Rack Generation 3 built by navy scientist – Kevin Tellekamp of SRA in the USA. As far as AC conditioner and grounding filters are concerned, we use only at the EMPEROR level by Tripoint Audio in the USA. All ground wires (with the exception of the two going to the amps driving the subwoofers) are all at the grade of Dalby Celestial and Tripoint Thor signature. Two Linebacker XE by Pranawire are currently used at the position of Wadax Trio and Trinity Media PC.

Interconnects are all in XLR configuration consist of Vetere HB and Gobel Statement. Power cables include Dalby Ode, Gobel Statement, Vetere HB and Skogrand Beethoven. Speaker cables are currently Skogrand’s Beethoven.

Last but not least is the Cessaro Carmen Reference 4-way horn speaker system.

What are not shown but are available for audition include Robert Koda K15 preamp, Dalby D7 SE line stage, Cessaro Wagner, and Gobel Epogue Reference/Ba Force Subwoofer.

There is a complete Trinity suite (dac, phono, preamp and power amp) of driving a pair of Cessaro Brahms in another studio not far away from AE as well.

This page will be constantly updated to reflect the latest change of component, say just even a ground wire will be reported given the ultra sensitivity of the system