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Zanden Kaun

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This is a reference tube amplifier delivering 100W of power for speakers with difficult loading. The employment of double push pull circuit using 2 pairs of 211 tubes per channel renders excellent control on speakers. Tonal resolution is rich and transient responses are lightning fast. They are the reference tube amplifiers at Divin Lab successfully captivating the soulful attention of internationally renowned critics such as Roy Gregory and Alan Sircom.

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AE Central Studio One showcasing Rivierlab Levante integrated amplifier, Zanden M6000 integrated amplifier driving Audionec EVO2. #audioexotics
Zanden 6000 super integrated amplifier driving Audionec EVO2 at AE Central. #audioexotics
The almighty Troy Signature NG with Argento Extreme Exotic Edition (EEE) ground cable. #audioexotics
Goebel Marquis driven by Engstrom’s Lars Type 2. #audioexotics