Tripoint Troy Signature NG

Tripoint Troy Signature NG

About Tripoint Troy Signature NG

The heaven always opens up whenever any system is playing in partnership with a Tripoint Troy Signature NG.  The meaning of silence is profound.  The improvement of the NG over the previous generation is more than tremendous.  The NG brings you deeper into the realm of silence.  It enables us to deep dive into the emotional state of affairs if your system is on par to reveal them. For example, the state of the mind of Karajan while conducting Wagner; the free flowing mind of Keith Jarret in his famous Koln concert, and the complexity of emotions alongside the kaleidoscopical revelation of tonal colours from "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zepplin and so on with every recording you have.  Why does that matter?  It is because painters create on canvas, but composers and musician create out of silence.  It is undefined in the physical domain but projects a huge presence in the spiritual and sentimental domain.  Without silence, there is no music.  AE is truly thankful of Miguel of Tripoint Audio for spending his life on such a specialised subject rewarding audio connoisseurs immensely worldwide!

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