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It was AE’s idea to ask Cessaro to build a horn tower with built in active subwoofers as it would be relatively easier to get into the smaller homes of Hong Kong, compared to the Beta system. This gave brith to the Cessaro Lizst. The integrated solution resulted in a 4-way reference horn system with a sculptural sense of modernity.  The colour of horn can be chosen to match any apartment for the best ambience.  We were content with the result.  However, we wanted to push the envelope further by using a 16” bass driver instead of the 12” inch for a better energy balance.  The mid range of the model Lizst is loaded by a gigantic horn, thereby directing a huge amount of energy more than the 12” bass driver.  For the sake of better integration, AE asked Ralph to do the Carmen Reference 4 way horn system which was premiered first in the 2nd AE Super Hi End Show driven by the Robert Koda K15EX preamp and the Zanden Chouku mono block amplifiers.  The musical result shocked the audiences as the speakers filled up the 100 sqm (1000 sqft) room with abundant musical energy everywhere.  Lincoln Cheng even played the “PINE OF ROME” to demonstrate the system’s ability to handle very complex structures at a loud volume with flying colour. As the Carmen system evolved, Ralph started using an active field coil bass driver for the Carmen with an aim to improve the overall performance further.  This will be the reference horn system to be used in the main studio of AE Singapore showroom.

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