Arya Audio RevOpod

Arya Audio RevOpod

About Arya Audio RevOpod

The Revopod is a marvel in micro mechanical engineering to the application of reducing mechanical vibration under audio electronics and speakers.  AE was the first to introduce Arya Audio to the general public in the 6th AE Super Hi End Audio Show in 2018, ahead of anyone else in the world, when there was no review.  Arthur Marker is a new name in the industry and his company is young.  AE does not need any review to choose whatever because it is our vision and know how that guide us to identify and define extraordinariness.  The facts prove us right again.  The RevOpod has become an instant hit across the globe because of its effectiveness and luxurious finishes with a very reasonable price tag.  Applications of RevOpod always reward very much  better stable focus, extension of bass frequency, and better contour resolution across the whole frequency range.  It has repeatedly won accolades from major critics around the globe.  A thorough review can be found from The RevOpods  are available in both Hong Kong and Singapore.

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