The Times They Are A-Changin’: Audio Exotics Hong Kong

One of the most interesting parts of reporting on high-end audio is the sheer range of individuals and characters you get to meet. But as varied as they are, not so long ago you could clearly categorize them in terms of their positions within the industry and market. These days, those distinctions are becoming increasingly blurred, with customers becoming importers, dealers becoming distributors, and anybody who fancies the press joining it. Good advice (and good practice) is becoming increasingly hard to find. The result is chaotic — and chaos has never been good for business or performance.

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System Notes: Horns Aplenty in Hong Kong

The one thing most people know about Hong Kong is that it boasts what are probably the highest real-estate prices in the world. Whether that claim is apocryphal or not, there’s no doubting that with a parking space in Central fetching upwards of $6,000,000 HK (around $765,000 US), the cost per square foot of real estate on the island is ruinously high — a factor you might think would work against high-end-audio sales. The possibility of sharing lounge space with a large audio system is remote, while the cost of a dedicated listening space is beyond all but the fabulously rich. Yet, Hong Kong has always been a vibrant high-end market, with ambitious systems shoehorned into unlikely spaces, systems that employ speakers that seem unfeasibly large for the size of the room they occupy. One look at a Hong Kong audiophile system and you know that this is a distinctly different world.

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Audio Exotics, Hong Kong: a new approach

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Dalby Ode (頌) AC Conditioner

Dalby’s first ever reference level AC Conditioner will arrive Hong Kong soon.

• Internal Dalby Ode wiring
• Litz construction
• Silver and CCC rectangular copper conductors
• special silicone insulation on Litz earthing
• Silk and Cotton insulation
• Passive filtration on polarities
• Resin compound for vibration control
• Lignum Vitae and mirror gold barrel connectors
• For both digital and analogue source
• Fully shielded
• silver solder employed
• anti static solution applied

Vetere flagship HB speaker cable arrived at AE

Touraj told me straight that the HB speaker cable represents his best work as of today in the domain of cables.   Anticipation is high given the rave success of his power cable, ethernet, phono, and the interconnects.  How will it fare against the best of the best such as Gobel Statement, Skogrand Beethoven, and Dalby?  I am going to find it out soon.  Also, Touraj will visit Hong Kong from next Monday till Thursday.  He will set up another reference turntable/reference arm.  He would very much like to do a HB speaker cable demo at AE on Tuesday on Oct 6.  Please drop by or whatsapp me should any one of you would like to attend.

Cessaro Air One preamp on the way to Hong Kong today

This passive preamp by Cessaro utilises FINEMET core transformer with silver wires.  You still need a power cable, but purely for the display and remote control purpose.  Marvel was shocked by the dynamic capability of it.  We are all eager to know its true color.  It is leaving Germany today and will arrive Hong Kong next week.

2nd pair of Cessaro Wagner Arrived!

The 2nd pair of Cessaro Wagner arrived at AE and they will soon be set up for demo.  The first pair took the community by storm. Azzurri, who placed the order on the spot at Munich show, is now a proud owner of it.  He is driving the Wagner by Robert Koda Takumi K15 and K70G2.

I shall set up the Wagner to be driven by either Trinity stereo or the almighty Zanden Chouku for a thrill ride.  This pair is already sold and will be shipped to Katongkid in Singapore by the end of August.

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