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Zanden Audio of Japan is one of the oldest partners of AE. Yamada Kazutoshi is a very special man as he has never worked for any company before for the sake of preserving a holistic and creative mindset. His constant new ideas in the domain of tube electronics are reflected in a series of exclusive super electronics he has created for AE during the past decade. This includes the Chouku amplifier housing the big 212 tubes pioneering the application of the FINEMET core output transformer in a single end circuit design. The unconventional use of 300B power tubes in the output stage of the Chukoh preamp recreating unlimited dynamic range is quite a feat. The invention of double push-pull circuitry in the KAUN mono block 100Watt amplifier is unprecedented. Such an idea has never been executed before, given the technical challenge. Last but not least is the introduction of the Zanden 1200 signature phono stage, with the flexible choice of two cutting machines (Westrex/Nueman), in addition to 5 EQ curves. Another first. Yamada's lifelong research in the ultimate analog reproduction leads him to conclude that the "choice of cutting machine"matters very much in particular to the integrity of spatial resolution.

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