The digital wizardry of Javier Guadalajara based in Madrid, Spain, has been a pivotal force in defining and shaping the prevailing landscape of high-end Digital Audio globally. Ever since the introduction of the Atlantis series in 2016 at the 4th AE Super Hi-End Audio Show in Hong Kong, the awareness of this brand increased tremendously as evidenced by corresponding sales worldwide. Renowned audio critic, Roy Gregory, endorsed every single product of Wadax beginning with the Ultimate Pre 2, followed by the Trio and Atlantis in this in-depth review on www.theaudiobeat.com. Audiotechnique in Hong Kong also has several excellent reviews on the Trio series and the entry-level Arcadia DAC. The launch of the engineering tour de force - Atlantis Reference - at AE's Divin Lab, in April 2019, prior to the Munich Hi End Show, took the industry by storm with its sculptural physical aesthetic alongside groundbreaking sonic performance (zero compression ever in the replay of digital audio). Sales were immediate in spite of the asking price. Till today, the delivery has not been able to meet demand. =

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AE Sheung Wan housing Cessaro Wagner Silver Signature, Arya Air Blade, Xiang Yu subwoofer, Zanden 1200S phono stage, Vertere Reference Analog system, Thales Exquisite Silver cartridge, SRA craze 3 rack/Virginia amp stand. Tripoint Troy NG and Esprit/Argento/Skogrand/Vertere cables. #audioexotics
Dartzeel NHB108 Model 2, 2020 version.  #dartzeel #audioexotics
WELLFLOAT Delta under Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX yields dramatic improvement.  The speakers are driven by full suite of Zanden super electronics: Chouku mono amplifier, Chukoh Preamp, and Jinpu phono stage. #audioexotics #wellfoat
Robert Koda suite with JMF Audio 3.7 universal transport and DAX 2.2.  Da Vinci EQ turntable, Tosca Durand and Miyajima Destiny Cart, Zanden 1200S phono stage all on WELLFLOAT board and SRA Scuttle Rack. #audioexotics