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Tripoint Audio


There would be no Audio Exotics today without Tripoint. This is not a trivial statement. Miguel Alverez's genius creation of the Troy series game-changed the way we comprehend the detriments of ground noises to music reproduction. In the last decade, AE and Tripoint practically created the market for the 'grounding device'. Chief Editor of Audio Technique, Lincoln Cheung, has been using Tripoint for a decade. He is currently using 2 x Tripoint Troy Elites in his reference system. AE has also sold hundreds of them across Asia during the same period. All models are also widely sought after in the aftermarket. New stocks of the Troy Signature Next Generation (NG) are always pre-sold since its inception in summer 2019. Divin Lab, the flagship showroom for AE, utilises 2 x Tripoint Troy Elite Next Generation, to achieve the ultimate form of palpable silence revealing every single breath of vocalist, the transient silence of all instruments and even the micro spatial cues displaying the momentum of the conductor's baton. Without tackling ground noises with Tripoint, there is simply no music.

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