Robert Koda

Robert Koda


Another partner of AE surpassing a decade long of relationship. Robert Koch is a perfectionist. He is never hurried. He clearly indulges in the art of amplification. His Takumi series is widely acclaimed around the world in spite of very few official reviews. Bespoke quality simply speaks for itself. His K10 and K15 preamps are widely sought because of its coherence and smoothness without compromising resolutions and transients. They are easily integrated with other brands of amplifier as well. Robert is also an inventor. The Takumi MC ONE phone stage utilises proprietary circuitry of RIAA curve invented by Robert to minimise distortion during the equalisation process. The introduction of Takumi K160 flagship mono amplifier is simply the best of the best in my career. You won't ask whether this is solid state or tube anymore because you are completely drowned in the sentimental domain of music. It always moves you whether it is a simple Japanese vocal like Miyuki or a full symphonic setup showcasing Stravinsky's Firebird. It delivers shock after shock, tears after tears, and laugher after laughter.

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AE Sheung Wan housing Cessaro Wagner Silver Signature, Arya Air Blade, Xiang Yu subwoofer, Zanden 1200S phono stage, Vertere Reference Analog system, Thales Exquisite Silver cartridge, SRA craze 3 rack/Virginia amp stand. Tripoint Troy NG and Esprit/Argento/Skogrand/Vertere cables. #audioexotics
Dartzeel NHB108 Model 2, 2020 version.  #dartzeel #audioexotics
WELLFLOAT Delta under Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX yields dramatic improvement.  The speakers are driven by full suite of Zanden super electronics: Chouku mono amplifier, Chukoh Preamp, and Jinpu phono stage. #audioexotics #wellfoat
Robert Koda suite with JMF Audio 3.7 universal transport and DAX 2.2.  Da Vinci EQ turntable, Tosca Durand and Miyajima Destiny Cart, Zanden 1200S phono stage all on WELLFLOAT board and SRA Scuttle Rack. #audioexotics