Joe Cohen has exquisite taste on audio accessories. AE is especially fond of his Linebacker XE series since 2016. His relentless effort on researching even more out of the box products is evident in the performance of the Anapurna board and the Cloud 9 AC filter. The former tackles stray noises and the latter takes care of AC noises by means of extreme mechanical integrity of the AC receptacles deployed alongside proprietary passive filtering techniques. Joe is a fine man as shown by his writing quality, which is also fully mirrored from his masterpiece creations. The Anapurna board and the Cloud are both featured permanently at Divin Lab, and that says a lot.

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Cessaro Opus 1. #audioexotics #cessarohornacoustics
AudioNec EVO 2 driven by Rivierlab Levante amplifier. #audioexotics #rivieralab #audionec
A rare scene - Cessaro Alpha 3 with Goebel Divin Majestic in the same venue. #audioexotics #cessarohornacoustics #goebelhighend
EMT 128 phono stage with Da Vinci Gabriel turntable. #audioexotics