JMF Audio

JMF Audio


This is a very unique French brand that offers a complete end-to-end solution beginning with a universally acclaimed CD/SACD/Blue-ray transport all the way to a state-of-the-art horn speakers that can be applied in large theatres. The know-how of this company in the professional field is several decades long. The concurrent nature of unserved passion alongside finesse is evident in every single electronics crafted by Laurent Fusilier and Arnold Fusilier. The house of JMF does not like to introduce too many models. They rather keep refining the circuitry to reach each passing peak performance. The digital suite of JMF DMT3.7 universal transport/DXC 2.2 mark 2 has been the personal reference of AE founder at his home in Hong Kong. A live demonstration of the whole suite of JMF Audio in a small theatre of 3000 square feet at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center in 2019 shocked many participants including artists performing on stage. Stability of energy at loud volume retaining all the refinements simultaneously drove everyone in awe to reach Utopia live.

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