Goebel High End

Goebel High End


Oliver Goebel has been a partner of AE since 2013. This German speaker manufacturer develops the most phase-coherent loudspeakers in the world. This is the only speaker that we know of, that has the capability to recreate a sound stage we can walk into. It is picturesque no matter what we play. The musical landscape is always cut from a single piece of canvas without any stitching. In technical terms, it means one cannot tell which driver of the speaker is playing at any time. The shocking coherence repeatedly impresses so many all over the world who have paid a visit to Divin Lab, the flagship showroom of AE in Hong Kong. It is named after the Divin series of speakers which AE participated in the conceptual design stage with Oliver Goebel in 2015. The Divin Majestic was presented to the world for the first time in 2017 at the 5th Audio Exotics Super Hi-End Show subsequently. AE built a dedicated showroom to house these gigantic speakers. Divin Lab was born and began operation in 2018. Even at the home of AE's founder, he has chosen to use the Goebel AEON Epoque Reference as his reference speakers for the same reasons.  

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AE Sheung Wan housing Cessaro Wagner Silver Signature, Arya Air Blade, Xiang Yu subwoofer, Zanden 1200S phono stage, Vertere Reference Analog system, Thales Exquisite Silver cartridge, SRA craze 3 rack/Virginia amp stand. Tripoint Troy NG and Esprit/Argento/Skogrand/Vertere cables. #audioexotics
Dartzeel NHB108 Model 2, 2020 version.  #dartzeel #audioexotics
WELLFLOAT Delta under Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX yields dramatic improvement.  The speakers are driven by full suite of Zanden super electronics: Chouku mono amplifier, Chukoh Preamp, and Jinpu phono stage. #audioexotics #wellfoat
Robert Koda suite with JMF Audio 3.7 universal transport and DAX 2.2.  Da Vinci EQ turntable, Tosca Durand and Miyajima Destiny Cart, Zanden 1200S phono stage all on WELLFLOAT board and SRA Scuttle Rack. #audioexotics