We call it the "Scandinavian School"of tube amplification art. Asia is dominated by the Japanese school of thought, which has more emphasis on the harmonic trail or longer decay in general. The Swedish Engström however has very clear and pure "sonority". To compare, Japanese approach always sounds softer in sonority. Lars Engström, the chief engineer of Engström, has always been a choir member since childhood. He is still singing as of now. He really understands the purity of tonality given the personal experiences. His tube electronics are widely acclaimed around the world given the purity, calmness, neutrality, and transparency. His latest creation, ARNE 300B amplifier, is also state of the art. It is a permanent member at AE Sheung Wan driving a pair of Cessaro Firebirds, capturing the souls of many audiophiles. The elegant design of all electronics by Timo Engström which is a magician in applying glasses to infuse a sense of nobility to all Engström electronics.

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