Dartzeel could be the only house that strikes the most delicate balance between engineering precision and musicality correctness.  Usually, when the presentation of sound is too transparent, listeners may start losing focus as ear-fatigue may soon develop.  That is not the case with Dartzeel in spite of the ultra high resolution, alongside tremendous transient capability.  Instead, we start tapping our feet naturally to follow the tempo, which is quite unusual for us, to be so easily drawn into the recording venue.  It is not an instrument to bring the team of musicians to your room.  Rather it is a machine that teleports anyone to where the recording is taking place.  It is the correct rendition of melody and tempo that yields musicality under the baton of Dartzeel. There is neither inflation of mid range warmth nor protrusion of upper bass attack to create a sensational sound.  The delineation of the mass string section in any symphonic recordings is beyond impressive.  The fragility of the child's voice is not only angelically rendered, but one is able to comprehend the different tonality of voice amongst children.  For electronic and rock music fans, the Dartzeel will shock you big time.  Do not be mistaken that this brand is primarily for classical like most reviewers commented in the past two decades.  We have never experienced Queens Bohemian Rhapsody and Pink Fylods Money in a all hell broke loose mode when Dartzeel partners with Cessaro horn speakers!

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