Audionec is a new partner of AE.  We like the modular concept of the EVO series.  In fact, the EVO 2 houses a super tweeter and an active subwoofer with a full range driver recreating the frequency extension and energy similar to much larger systems in a compact package.  They can easily be placed in residential apartment with a well thought evolvement path just in case the listener would consequentially become the most demanding audiophile.  The di-pole design guarantees a wide sound field full of musical energy delivered in a passionate manner cushioned by deep bass and enchanted by angelic high frequency harmonics.

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Cessaro Opus One is amazing! #audioexotics #cessarohornacoustics
Cessaro Opus One #audioexotics #cessarohornacoustics
Dalby Pirueta Record Weight/WELLFLOAT Delta Extreme/Durand Telos with Transrotor flagship analog turntable. #audioexotics #wellfloat #dalbyaudiodesign
Cessaro Opus 1. #audioexotics #cessarohornacoustics