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Arthur Marker is a very talented young engineer. His ReVopods were an instant success after its introduction at the 6th AE Super Hi End Show in 2018. The exquisite finish alongside meticulous engineering ideas in one package has won accolades worldwide. AE has been selling hundreds and hundreds of them with no end in sight as of 2020. His groundbreaking work on the Air Blade tweeter is another highlight of this young company. The absence of voice coil alongside wide dispersion characteristics eclipse all conventional technology of by miles. All amplifiers will see the Air Blade tweeter as a “resistor” because there is no inductance behaviour at all. This company has tremendous potential ahead.

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Cessaro Qian Long 乾隆 speakers is breathtaking exclusive model for AE.  #audioexotics
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Cessaro Opus One is amazing! #audioexotics #cessarohornacoustics
Cessaro Opus One #audioexotics #cessarohornacoustics