Robert Gaboury was once an architect before he started Arteluthe based in Quebec of Canada. In fact, the aesthetic of his speakers reflects an artful background. This is a company that specialises in speaker design not only from the house brand but also designing for other manufacturers. He also does consultation work for musical performances and art installations. To Robert, good sound happens when analysis mode of his brain is completely switched off to accommodate for an emotional journey. For Robert, a loudspeaker is an Art object. It’s a sculpture, a vector of beauty. His Stiletto speakers was an instant hit when AE brought it to HK in 2020. The gigantic soundstage it projects alongside tremendous energy in the lower octave do not corresponds to the size of the speakers.

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Mini Cessaro Wagner is phenomenal for what it can do to music with respect to its size. #audioexotics #cessarohornacoustics
AE Sheung Wan housing Cessaro Wagner Silver Signature with WELLFLOAT delta underneath, Arya Air Blade, Xiang Yu subwoofer with WELLFLOAT delta underneath, Zanden 1200S phono stage, Vertere Reference Analog system, Thales Exquisite Silver cartridge, SRA craze 3 rack/Virginia amp stand. Tripoint Troy NG and Esprit/Argento/Skogrand/Vertere cables. #audioexotics
Dartzeel NHB108 Model 2, 2020 version.  #dartzeel #audioexotics
WELLFLOAT Delta under Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX yields dramatic improvement.  The speakers are driven by full suite of Zanden super electronics: Chouku mono amplifier, Chukoh Preamp, and Jinpu phono stage. #audioexotics #wellfoat