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Dalby Pirueta Record Weight/WELLFLOAT Delta Extreme/Durand Telos with Transrotor flagship analog turntable. #audioexotics #wellfloat #dalbyaudiodesign
Cessaro Opus 1. #audioexotics #cessarohornacoustics
AudioNec EVO 2 driven by Rivierlab Levante amplifier. #audioexotics #rivieralab #audionec
A rare scene - Cessaro Alpha 3 with Goebel Divin Majestic in the same venue. #audioexotics #cessarohornacoustics #goebelhighend
EMT 128 phono stage with Da Vinci Gabriel turntable. #audioexotics
Installation of WELLFLOAT Extreme. #wellfloat #audioexotics
Cessaro Opus One - the entry threshold into the world of Cessaro. #audioexotics #cessarohornacoustics
AE TV Final Episode of Season 1 - Exotic DAC Rises. #audioexotics 

Audio Exotics Singapore studio coming soon … #audioexotics #singapore #dannyfunds
The Zanden 1200S signature phono stage with three choice of cutting machine (Neumann, Westrex, Ortofon) alongside 5 EQ curves. #audioexotics #zandenaudio
The Dalby Pirueta Elemento Record Weight. #audioexotics #dalbyaudiodesign
The almighty Troy Signature NG. @audioexotics @tripointaudio
Air blade atop Cessaro Brahms. Why do we need another tweeter? Because existing tweeter technology does not perform dispersion well.  It does not interfere the existing tweeter. It augments the deficiency of existing technology that concerns solely on extension. #audioexotics #aryaaudiolabs
I am truly thankful of my hardworking crew and all passionate audiophiles and music lovers who had paid a visit to Audio Exotics in the HK High End Audio and Visual Show 2021.  We had good time sharing our knowhow to the betterment of the community. We shall continue to push the envelope to reach new heights. @audioexotics
Sunday morning also full house! @audioexotics
Dalby Pirueta Elemento Record Weight #audioexotics
Audio Exotics @ HK Hi End Show Day 2 continues. #audioexotics
Truthful rendition of Schindler’s List theme song by the flawless integration of air blade with Goebel Marquis (WELLFLOAT extreme underneath) driven by Rivierlab Preamplifier and Amplifier, fed by Wadax Atlantis Reference Dac/Server. #audioexotics
2nd system demonstration of continues. #audioexotics
The first demonstration begins. #audioexotics
The almighty Air Blade 180 degree tweeter! #audioexotics
Rivierlab APL-SE preamplifier. #audioexotics
JMF Audio PHS 7.2 phono stage. #audioexotics
Robert Koda Takumi MC One phono stage. #audioexotics
2 x Troy Signature NG for the HK High End Audio Show. #audioexotics
Da Vinci Virtu Jubilee arm global premier at Audio Exotics. #audioexotics
Global Premier of EMT 128 phono stage #audioexotics
JMF Audio PCD 302 AC conditioner #audioexotics
Dalby Pirueta Elemento Record Weight @ audioexotics
Father and Son. He is 80 years old onsite directing the team achieving better integration. He is an genuine audiophile and true music lover especially on classical opera. #audioexotics
Esprit GAIA/EUREKA cables and Ikigai Kangai S series, Dalby Kyuko series of cables. #audioexotics
WELLFLOAT Delta Extreme global premier at Audio Exotics. #audioexotics
In search of excellence for the ideal speaker positioning. #audioexotics
Global Premier of JMF Audio PHS 7.2 phono stage. #audioexotics
Technical measurement of speaker position for guidance before ear test. #audioexotics
Global Premier of EMT 128 phono @audioexotics
JMF Audio PCD302 35th Anniversary Model. @audioexotics
Audio Exotics is ready for the HK High End Show from Aug 6 - 8 at HKCEC. #audioexotics
Audio Exotics is fully ready for the Hong Kong High End Audio Show 2021 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from Aug 6 to 8. #audioexotics
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