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AE Central Studio One showcasing Rivierlab Levante integrated amplifier, Zanden M6000 integrated amplifier driving Audionec EVO2. #audioexotics
Zanden 6000 super integrated amplifier driving Audionec EVO2 at AE Central. #audioexotics
The almighty Troy Signature NG with Argento Extreme Exotic Edition (EEE) ground cable. #audioexotics
Goebel Marquis driven by Engstrom’s Lars Type 2. #audioexotics
Next batch of Cessaro Mini Wagner coming to Hong Kong next week. @audioexotics
We can’t listen without Troy Signature NG. @audioexotics @tripointaudio
The Mini Cessaro Wagner with BMW blue horn.  #audioexotics
Red Sparrow cartridge on Durand Tosca arm atop Hartvig Statement turntable. #audioexotics

About Audio Exotics

AE has three studios in Hong Kong: Sheung Wan, Central and Ap Lei Chau. We have also established a headquarter in Singapore serving connoisseurs in South East Asia. All of them are designed and built for the state of utopia for music to reach for your souls.

The precondition of achieving the utopia zone is to understand the concept of silence. It is physically invisible but it is tangible in our senses. Mother Teresa once said, “God cannot be found in a noisy and restlessness environment. God is a friend of silence. See how our nature such as trees, flowers, and grows in silence. See how does the stars, the moon and the sun, move in silence... We need silence to touch the souls.”

All of our studios follow strict principles to mitigate different kind of noises by custom specialised solutions. Painters create on touchable canvas. Music composers however originate music scores on “silence” in their mind first. Audio reproduction follows the same principles. The challenges are: how to restore the original state of silence?

Please come for an sentimental journey.